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Canadian MMPR Program


Benchmark LabsTM has been providing direct support to MMPR Applicants since June 2013.

To better assist MMPR Applicants in obtianing a Health Canada License to Produce, Benchmark LabsTM has developed a full "turn-key" On-Site Quality Assurance / Lab solution to meet sections 2b, 3c, 8, 10 and 11 of the MMPR Application requirements.

Benchmark LabsTM provides this service either through our Services Model.   Our Service Model is designed to augment your existing MMPR Application whereby individual services can be acquired on a "pay as you go" fee structure that is renewed annually.

As part of our Section 8 services, we provide a  complete "On-Site" security evaluation to determine gaps that will need to be addressed at time of MMPR Application.  Benchmark Labs has then partnered with pre-qualifed Security Companies that are currently successful in providing MMPR security systems accross Canada.  That security system is then also designed to directly integrate into our SYSTEM described in Section 11 below.

As part of our Section 10 services, we provide a  complete "On-Site" Hygiene, Health & Safety and Quality Assurance Program as well as a Lab Plan / Design / Implementation and the all important critical Quality Assurance / Health & Safety / Hygiene Training component to ensure that your Health Canada "experience, knowledge and training" requirements are met under current / future Health Canada, Narcotic Control Act / Food & Drug Act requirements.  As such is our MMPR Program is designed to be Repeatable, Economic, Scalable and Practical to meet the current and future demands of your operations.  In addition to our Quality Assurance Program, we also assist MMPR Licensed Producers in establishing their own on-site analysis lab to be able to more quickly obtain  results for crop control / health and safety / labelling / inventory management and to avoid costly shipment and security issues associated with shipment of samples to any yet to be defined 3rd party "Producer Licensed" Labs. 

As part of our Section 11 application we provided well over 30+ screen shots of our SYSTEM in action and how it is able to control the entire seed-to-sale process including crop production (seed germination, mother cuttings, vegetative, flower, harvest, drying & curing, analysis, packaging, labelling, storage, shipping) as well as handling unique and difficult MMPR client / doctor / location / product  return scenarios. Therefore, our Web based ISO 17025(2005) compliant SYSTEM is devised to manage MMPR activities in a way that is readily accessible for a Health Canada Auditor to review and confirm.

Our SYSTEM is itself an all inclusive Secure Cloud Based application designed to handle all of your day to day activities and as such includes integrating to your Security SYSTEM, inclusion of Purchase Order / Quotes / Sales Orders / Invoices (ERP module) as well as Lead Generation / Opportunities / Organization / Client Customer Rational Management (CRM) in addition to ISO 17025 Compliant Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) and its supporting modules.  The crux of our SYSTEM is the management of all medicinal marijuana orders (be they by email / telephone / fax) as well as handling on-site inventory, licensed patient orders, product recalls etc. in compliance with MMPR Regulations.

To learn more information and how we can help stream-line your organization while also meeting the audit / data integrity / document management requirements of the MMPR click here.  Otherwise, please This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can provide you with more information.