Unhappy with having to ship samples to your Lab, loosing valuable time and risking sample loss?

Frustrated that your Lab is too far away to visit and learn more about how they Analyze your samples? 

We are committed to opening Labs closer to our Clients!  

We are committed to encouraging our Clients to come and see who has run their samples and how those samples were Analyzed!

Custom Profiles

Tired of having your Lab tell you what Analysis Package to choose from?

Frustrated that your Lab will never provide you with their Analysis Methodology?

Let us help you determine which Analysis is best for your samples so as to build your own unique Analysis Package(s)!

Let us help you to review which Analysis Methodologies can be used to get the result best suited for your individual requirements!


Fed up that your Lab ceases to offer Web access to your old Reports?

Annoyed that  that your Lab cannot let you choose your own Analysis Reporting Format? 

We were one of the First Labs to permit our Clients 24/7 Secure on-line Web based access to their Analysis Report.

We were one of the First Labs to permit our Clients to Customize their own unique Web based Analysis Reports.


Have you given up trying to gain access to material relevant to how well your sample was run?

Fed up  that you are never permitted to speak directly with  the Analyst who actually ran your sample? 

We are determined to provide you with full access to your file and an open discussion regarding our Analysis Results. 

We are determined to permit our Clients to experience a One-on-One relationship with our Analysts.


Southern Alberta 2013 Flood


2013 has resulted in unprecidented flooding of homes and businesses

Receding floodwater leave behind biological and chemical contamination.  

Benchmark Labs provides ISO 17025(2005) compliant anlysis to test your air, water and soil for common contamination parameters:

- Air Testing includes analysis for air quality analysis to determine the presence or harmful mold (viable and /or non-viable mold) and volatile organic hydrocarbons (VOC's)

- Soil Testing includes analysis for soil quality analysis to determine the presence of unwanted chemical (including heavy metals and hydrocarbons) and harmful biological parameters  (including e.coli, salmonella)

- Water Testing includes analysis for water quality to determine the presence of unwanted chemicals (including heavy metals and hydrocarbons) and harmful biological parameters  (including e.coli, salmonella).

As an ISO 17025 (2005) Compliance Organization we fully support the principle that "You Can't Manage What You Don't Measure!" Let us help you measure and manage your risk by analyzing your home, business for air, water and soil contamination following a flood event.

We provide Sample Supplies, Instruction, Analysis, and ISO 17025(2005) Compliant Reporting that can then be used for historical reference. To discuss further, please contact
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To follow CBC's review of Water Quality on the Bow and Elbow Rivers please click here